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La Grande Eclopédie


  • Image of La Grande Eclopédie
  • Image of La Grande Eclopédie

When I was five, my father disappeared, leaving behind a chair and his Le Robert dictionary. I shot the book with a 9mm Parabellum. The bullet was crushed inside; the ink of the dictionary dissolved from the impact. It is in this blank book I have written the subsequent chain of events. Poutresse is my bulletproof vest, which protects me: the book of the digestion. It shelters my valuables, the book of cathedrals, touch, ANTS. I see through my pupil, traced by the impact: The trace of eyelashes. The action book has a voice, that of the opera: Alysse. The thesis of DROZ (Geneva), Equivoques de la pudeur has a parody: Equinoxes de l'impudeur, Dr.Oz.
The dictionary Le Robert, has become The Great Eclopedia.

The Eclopedia is printed in limited edition of 90 copies, different type of hand made paper, binded in a spectacular way, like a Rubik's cube, with silk screen print posters, signed and numbered, into which a 9mm bullet is fired.

Author, artist: Jérôme Karsenti
Graphic design, collaborator: Anne-Sophie Tritschler
Translated by Wendy Giardina
Editors: Dominique Brancher, Slaven Waelti

Bilingual, GB, FR
Previous launch November 2019